Tremolo coffee joins the Front

IMG_2543We are now an actual front: Tremolo, brainchild of Chris Gleason and Caroline Williamson, is now serving pour-over coffee at the Front. Tremolo is a slow bar serving pour over coffee highlighting specialty coffee from around the world through different roasters. They’re offering cold brew coffee and “nitro”–nitrogenated coffee that “pours like a Guinness” and brings flavors and sugars to the forefront of the coffee.
Tremolo is based at The Front Gallery, serving coffee from 8 AM to 12:00 PM, Monday through Saturday.

After Rothko (Before RED) at Lost Nation

Alice Dodge from the Front will be giving a free talk before the performance of RED at Lost Nation Theatre on June 12th. In the play, we meet Mark Rothko and a fictional studio assistant, a young painter learning from – and sometimes rejecting – Rothko’s ideas and ideals of art. We will explore some of the divergent ways contemporary artists have responded to those ideas. How did we get from the Abstract Expressionists’ views about art’s purity and purpose to the complexity of today’s expanded field? How does one artist’s influence play out through future generations?

RED, a play about Mark Rothko, runs from June 2 – 19th at Lost Nation Theatre in Montpelier. Coupons for admission discounts will be available at The Front.